Messages paid for by a sponsor to help sell their product(s). These are usually found on TV, radio, or newspapers.
A direct mail method of promoting your product/company by sending consumers information on the product/company you are trying to sell, often includes a coupon or reply card, making it a direct response method of advertising.
Consumer Marketing
Advertising geared toward individual people or families, but not toward other businesses.
A direct response method of promoting you product/company by providing the consumer with a discount or free offer on a product.
Direct Mail
All mail sent to a consumer, without the consumer asking for it, that is used to advertise products.
Direct Response
Direct mail that asks the consumer for some feedback. This includes coupons, reply cards, a phone number, web address, etc.
High Tech-Advertising
Advertising that promotes technology products.
General Advertising
Advertising that is used to create an image or an awareness of a product or company over time.
Image Advertising
see general advertising.
Junk Mail
Another term for direct mail.
All the activities involved in getting a customer to buy your product. This consists of 4 key parts: the product, the price, distribution, and promotion.
Everything involve din getting the word to the public about your product(s). Examples are advertising, trade shows, catalogs, etc.
Reply Card
A direct response method of promoting your company/product by asking the consumer to answer a few questions, and mail the card back to you. This can be very helpful in providing you with information on how to advertise better, or on what products the consumers would like to see you sell.