The Geology Explorer 2.0
Graphical Manual

Game Panels
A single click opens a panel, another click dismisses it.
(1) Back Button: back up one room
(2) Refresh Button: refreshes room images, closes all text balloons
(3) Map: instant navigation to any room you've already visited
(4) Bookcase: an all-in-one information resource
(5) Instruments: where tools are kept
(6) Inventory: where samples are kept
(7) Object Detail: for close inspection of samples
(8) Map Toggle Button: switch between maps for advanced users
Status Reports
in the bookcase
Lists all of the currently-connected players
in the bookcase
Display entries from the online documentation system.
in the instrument panel
Take a closer look
at the bottom of the game panel
Displays player status
Command Icon/Action Action
north etc.
in the game window
Click to go in a particular direction
in the map slide panel
Use the Map slide panel to return to any location you have previously explored.
Game Play
say anything
in the game window

Double click on the player you wish to speak to or double click on yourself.
Then type into the speech balloon and press enter.
Says "anything" out loud, so that everyone in the same room hears it.
Note: Speech balloons disappear automatically unless moved by the player.
Balloons can be dismissed by clicking the "X".
buy instrument
in the "Catalog" tab of the bookcase
(but only while in the store)
Procure a field instrument for conducting experiments
report rock/mineral as type
in the instrument panel
Report hypotheses (guesses) in rock/mineral identification.
Usage: open the instrument panel, select the report tool, click on an outcrop, type your "guess" into the pop-up window
The system will evaluate your report and respond
hit rock/mineral with instrument Conduct experiments in order to effect rock/mineral identification.

Select the rock pick, click on an outcrop
(hit outcrop with rock pick)

a sample of rock will break off from the outcrop

Select streak plate, click on a sample
(scratch streak plate with sample)

the system will report streak color of the sample

Select pocketknife, click on sample
(scratch sample with knife)

the system will report if the knife scratches the sample

scratch instrument with rock/mineral
scratch rock/mineral with instrument
streak instrument with rock/mineral
view rock/mineral with instrument
touch rock/mineral with instrument
measure rock/mineral with instrument
pour instrument on rock/mineral
powderize rock/mineral with instrument
get rock/mineral/other (with your hands)
drop rock/mineral/other (from your inventory)
Pick things up and drop them

Click on an object in the room
(get object)

an object will move from the ground into your possession

Special Case: (get sand)
is the only way to get a sample of sand
(see hit above for the general case of collecting samples)

Click on a sample in your inventory
(drop sample)

sample will drop into the room

scratch rock/mineral/other (with your fingernail) Conduct experiments (with your body) in order to effect rock/mineral identification.

scratch sample
the system will report scratching the sample if it is softer than a fingernail

touch sample
the system will report the texture of the sample

touch rock/mineral/other (with your hands)
heft rock/mineral/other (with your hands)
taste rock/mineral/other (with your tongue)
Connection Menu
co username password
connect username password
View the Login Screen Connect to the planet
@quit Log off Oit and close the client

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